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Mattress Drying Underlay

Water is both a lifegiver and the enemy. On the road or trail, it allows microscopic invaders to grow and thrive, creating unwanted smells and impacted health and well-being. HyperDrii mats fight moisture with a special mattress drying underlayer that improves comfort. Hyper vent the underside of your bed for a cleaner more sanitary sleep.

Why am I uncomfortable when camping?

Sleeping in the open is challenging. There is a reason humans invented mattresses as well as beds. We grew accustomed to sleeping on a pillowy cushion, in a dry and pleasing environment. Venting your bedding is more important than most people know or would even like to know.

Among the things we take for granted when trying to get a good night of sleep are:

  • A dry place to call our own
  • A lack of ground moisture
  • A smooth surface
  • A comfortable bed roll, mat, or mattress

We forget that our ancestors struggled with finding the right place to lay their heads at night. You should not need to do the same but the opposite of what we take for granted exists outdoors.

Early Innovations in Camping Comfort

In order to avoid sleeping like our ancient ancestors, companies devised ways to improve the camping experience. Early ground rolls composed of singular blocks of foam promised to create even ground but required a tarp. Air mattresses are cumbersome and take time to blow up.

Not much has changed since the early days of innovation in camping and motoring. Your local outdoor retailer sells foam padding like it was invented yesterday perhaps with ridges intended to contour to your body and the ground. Hypervent your bed with our product and you wont be creating mildew while having a good night of rest.

Modern Hyper Venting Innovations

There is an alternative to foam padding that requires constant cleaning and wears out quickly. Venting mats air out quickly while offering the same support as a traditional foam pad.

HyperDrii helps eliminate uneven surfaces and reduce the impact of ground moisture layer by layer. We strive to create comfort and cleanliness. Our anti mould layer and venting hold up to 800 pounds.

Modern Comfort

Modern comfort is possible outside as well. A mattress underlay conforms to your back. It is entirely possible to forgo an air or other type of mattress. The Japanese use mats in their homes.

HyperDriis trade secret technology adds a layer of padding on top of our anti-moisture and anti mould bed layers. You can add a mattress or snuggle into your sleeping bag for a good night of sleep. Wake up rested and ready rather than tired and achy.

Resilient and Durable Superb Venting

Placing a layer of comfort on top of our functional matrices may seem futile but our mats are robust. They support nearly one thousand pounds.

We take pride in our product. You can rest assured with a 20 year limited warranty.

Comfort with a Mattress Drying Underlay

A mattress drying underlay from HyperDrii offers superior comfort and support while keeping you and your equipment dry and clean. Never worry about ground moisture.

HyperDrii mats are robust and functional. Give us a call, read on, or send us an email to find out more. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our RV, car, and camping solutions.

Mattress Drying Underlay
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Mattress Drying Underlay Mattress Drying Underlay Mattress Drying Underlay