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Who We Are

With over 30 years in bedding and foam business, supplying specialty closed and open cell foams and for residential, recreation, commercial and industrial applications, we recognized a need for this unique material. Our customers confirm that we have the best, most cost-effective solution for preventing the damaging effects of moisture.

Our Story

We've built a business supplying a much needed, yet ofter forgotten material that is practically everywhere you look in our modern lives. There is almost nothing that doesn't have some type of cellular foam within its build. Modern foams, with both synthetic hybrid or pure natural foam are perfect for comfort and support, and in the case of mattresses, will eventually become the norm replacing antiquated spring and coil types. These specialty materials, including those such as HyperDrii, offer superior benefits that are both effective as well as cost-effective.


Our Product

HyperDrii represents the perfect solution to a common problem: Adequate ventilation of enclosed spaces. HyperDrii allows you a healthy sleep and to enjoy your boat or RV without the deleterious effects of trapped moisture, especially those problems associated with mould and mildew.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the most trusted source of underlay venting materials to all segments of industries.

Why HyperDrii?


HyperDrii is a practical solution that encourages proper ventilation of standing air in poorly ventilated areas in almost any situation


HyperDrii is the best, most inexpensive solution to reduce the damaging effects of condensation protecting your expensive bedding.


Strong enough to withstand very heavy objects being placed on top and still allow moist air to dissipate.

Got a Question?

HyperDrii is easy to install, affordable, and very durable. It doesn’t take up extra space in tight quarters. While some similar products require difficult installation processes like opening up cushions and sewing something inside, HyperDrii allows you to easily cut and trim to the exact size required.

Here are some common questions and answers:

How do you cut and size HyperDrii?

Although HyperDrii is supremely tough, it is also very easy to handle and cut to the exact size needed with ordinary scissors. Because of the uniformity of the structure, it can be cut straight without too much difficulty.

HyperDrii comes in 50' rolls and in 39" widths. It can be made into larger dimensions easily by affixing the fabric edge flap to two pieces with contact cement or fabric fastener.

Yes. We ship HyperDrii to most areas in Canada with shipping costs included in the cost of the product. There are additional shipping charger to rural routes.

Visit our Help Centre for more answers to common questions.


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