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Astro Turf Atlanta

Astro Turf Atlanta

Great American Green Inc. has a number of artificial grass solutions for individuals, enterprises, and institutions that are looking for AstroTurf in Atlanta. Synthetic grass is very popular in Atlanta for a number of reasons, and no other company offers more options or more solutions than Great American Green Inc.! Here, you'll find retail and wholesale AstroTurf in Atlanta at a price that you can definitely afford! We even offer installation and cleaning services to our customers. You'll find the best Atlanta artificial grass products and services with Great American Green Inc.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose AstroTurf in Atlanta

AstroTurf is a practical, versatile product. There are many benefits that come with using AstroTurf, but here are the top 5 reasons to choose this product:

1. AstroTurf is Environment-Friendly

Did you know that a single grass football or baseball field can utilize as much as 500k to 1 million gallons of water each year!? This is especially true in Atlanta, GA, where the temperatures reach extraordinary heights during the summer. The good news about AstroTurf is that it never needs to be watered, and that means a lot of water saved!

AstroTurf is also environmentally sound in that it eliminates the need to use harmful and toxic chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. AstroTurf is the best artificial turf grass in Atlanta, GA!

2. AstroTurf is Safe for Pets and Children

Sports fields aren't the only places where AstroTurf is used. AstroTurf synthetic lawns are also very popular these days, as AstrpTirf can be used on dog runs, golf courses, putting greens, playgrounds, and much, much more. AstroTurf provides a safe and clean area for pets and children to play.

3. AstroTurf Saves Money

AstroTurf will obviously save its users a significant chunk of change on their annual water bills, and it will also save them a lot of money on the cost of lawn care and maintenance. For DIY lawn care homeowners, AstroTurf can give you back a lot of your time so that you can spend your time off work doing more productive things. Contact us to get the best synthetic turf in Atlanta from the best synthetic turf supplier in Atlanta, GA.

4. AstroTurf is a Practical Solution

One of the problems with natural grass sports fields is that during times of drought or extreme weather, the grass cannot grow lush and healthy. Plus, the grass may die in the cold season. AstroTurf just needs to be sprayed off once in a while, and it remains in good condition all year long. AstroTurf is a very durable and practical solution.

5. AstroTurf Has a Realistic Look and Feel

Nobody wants synthetic grass that looks fake from a mile away! AstroTurf is very real looking, and with the technology today, most people can't tell when AstroTurf is in use unless someone tells them.

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Astro Turf Atlanta Astro Turf Atlanta Astro Turf Atlanta