HyperDrii Venting airflow pad is a revolutionary product designed to reduce condensation under mattresses for RV owners, boat lovers and cabin enthusiasts. It is made from loosely woven, high strength material in a thin 3/4" supportive pad that allows air to flow freely under the mattress while providing superior cushioning for better health.


The pad's unique design also makes it flexible enough to be cut and customized into any size, making it ideal for tight spaces. With the HyperDrii venting pad, you can keep your mattress safe from damage from moisture in damp environments without sacrificing health. In addition, this durable material can withstand seasons of use without losing any of its properties that make it useful.

The Unique Design of HyperDrii

The minimal thickness of HyperDrii makes it a great choice for RV's, boats and small cabins - anywhere there's not much space. In addition to being flexible and supportive, HyperDrii is also incredibly durable and can withstand any weight and many applications, without showing signs of wear or tear over time. Even after extended periods in storage, this versatile material will remain pliable.

HyperDrii Venting Pad is the perfect choice for those living in cool, damp or poorly ventilated areas. The open weave material allows air to flow freely through the mattress pad underneath while providing superior cushioning and protecting the base.

Installing HyperDrii is relatively straightforward. Simply cut the matting down into the desired size or shape using a good pair of scissors or a utility knife.

How to Purchase HyperDrii

When it comes to purchasing HyperDrii, there are several options available. The most common mattress sizes and sold by the 50' roll and can be purchased directly from hyperdrii.ca. This is a convenient way to purchase the product as all of your measurements will already be taken care of and you won't have to worry about cutting or sizing the matting yourself.

Another option for ordering HyperDrii is through custom orders. If you need something specific in terms of size, you can request a special order which will be tailored to meet your exact needs and specifications. Special orders generally take more time than standard purchases, and provides customers with greater flexibility when it comes to finding the perfect solution for their RV, boat or cabin space.